YL-940 TDS

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YL-940 synergistic flame retardant is a compound mainly composed of barium polyphosphate. When used in combination with bromine flame retardant, it can replace 50% antimony trioxide in the same amount. Low cost and stable effect. This product is non-toxic and low odor. It is an environment-friendly and efficient substitute for antimony trioxide.

Typical Parameters


Recommended Dosage

For bromo-antimony flame retardant recipe, it will replace 50% antimony trioxide in equal amount. 2%-2.5% should be added in ABS and HIPS, and it will replace antimony trioxide in equal amount for PP and PA according to flame retardant requirements. Add 2.5-3.5% to PBT and PET, and 1.5-3% to PVC.


The above technical parameters and recommended dosage are only reference values, and it is necessary to make appropriate adjustment according to the product formula when using.  

This product is non-toxic chemical additives, but refused to apply it to food, and try to avoid children contact, In order to avoid injury accidents from accidental ingestion.  

The product package is 25Kg/ package.

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