PY-6608M TDS

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Product Overview

PY-6608M is a kind of MCA flame retardant functional master batch with high adhesive nylon as the carrier.The product mainly used in nylon bellow, nylon coil skeleton, nylon sheet and other thin wall nylon materials.The product has stable flame retardant performance and easy demolding, which effectively improves the yield of thin wall nylon products.

Typical Parameters

Product Features

Compared with MCA powder, master batch is easy to process, and the yield and production efficiency are greatly improved. Can also directly added to the product for injection molding, extrusion, flow delay. It has higher dispersibility, flame retardant level and more stable mechanical properties. Due to the defects of MCA and nylon, it is difficult to demoulding MCA flame-retardant nylon. This product integrates the demoulding concept and adds demoulding elements without affecting or reducing the flame retardant effect, which effectively reduces the demoulding difficulty and greatly improves the appearance and yield of products.


The above technical parameters and recommended dosage are only reference values, and it is necessary to make appropriate adjustment according to the product formula when using. 

The product does not need to add additional flame retardant auxiliary agent, and can achieve ideal flame retardant effect when used alone. 

This product is non-toxic chemical additives, but refused to apply it to food, and try to avoid children contact, In order to avoid injury accidents from accidental ingestion. 

The product package is 25Kg/ package.

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