PY-6207 TDS

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Product Overview

PY-6207 is a kind of halogen-free environmental retardant with phosphorus and nitrogen as  flame retardant elements, specially designed for TPU. The mechanism of carbon formation  and gas-phase flame retardation plays an important role in flame retardation. TPU using PY- 6207 as flame retardant are always has the characters of low density, low smoke, small mold  corrosion, excellent electrical properties.  

Typical Parameters


Product Features

Achieve UL 94 V-0 (1.0mm) by adding 5%-8% PY-6207 to TPU. 


The above technical parameters and recommended dosage are only reference values, and it is  necessary to make appropriate adjustment according to the product formula when using.  

The product does not need to add additional flame retardant auxiliary agent, and can achieve  ideal flame retardant effect when used alone. 

This product is non-toxic chemical additives, but refused to apply it to food, and try to avoid  children contact, In order to avoid injury accidents from accidental ingestion.  

The product package is 25Kg/ package.

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