PB-6208M TDS

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Product Overview

PB-6208M is a high concentration flame retardant master batch produced with phosphorus, nitrogen and bromine flame retardant, which has better dispersion and flame retardant efficiency! It is a polypropylene flame retardant master batch designed for the spinning of light diffusion PP, sheet, plate, film and non-woven fabric. It has better dispersibility than powder PB-6208. The use of master batch can eliminate the granulation link and form directly, save cost and improve production efficiency. As for flame retardant level, it can achieve the same effect as using powder.

Typical Parameters


Recommended Dosage

UL 94 V2(0.25mm) can be obtained by adding 2.5% in homo-polypropylene, and 4%-5% in co-polypropylene is recommended.


The above technical parameters and recommended dosage are only reference values, and should be adjusted appropriately according to the product formula. 

The product can achieve the ideal flame retardant effect without adding co-calibration agent.

This product is non-toxic chemical additives, but refused to apply it to food, and try to avoid children contact, In order to avoid injury accidents from accidental ingestion. Do not use this product with calcium carbonate; otherwise, it will lose its flame retardant effect. 

The product package is 25Kg/ package.

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